Reverend Judith A. Nowers moves in a strong pioneering spirit, walking in faith and obedience to the Lord.  This is quite evident in her teachings which God uses to catapult people into their destiny in Christ. 


Judith is ordained by Barbara Wentroble and is an Executive Network Member of International Breakthrough Ministries of Dallas, Texas. www.internationalbreakthroughministries.org.  She received her Doctor of Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute in 2001


She serves as the City of Santa Fe coordinator of National Day of Prayer. She has organized prayer walks in Santa Fe and prayer events at the New Mexico Captial. She has also organized having  Prayer Tents on the streets around Santa Fe during the summer.  The Prayer Tents allows people to get prayer for their needs.  


Judith walks in faith knowing God desires a deeper relationship with His people.  She is a visionary, which brings out creativity in her and her ministry.


Judith is available as a speaker.  She also does counseling at Joyful Ministries.


She lives in Santa Fe with her husband.  



Joyful Ministies was founded in 1997 by Reverend Judith A. Nowers and is now located at 1161 Siler Road, Santa Fe, NM.  Joyful Ministriesis a place of worship, teaching, prayer, and advancing the Kingdom of God.  The uniqueness of this ministry is that it is a safe oasis.  A Learning Center to help people move with the Lord.


Joyful Ministries is dedicated to God and His Word.  The Holy Spirit is free to move as He desires in this ministry. It is a ministry of edification, encouragement, and comfort which is Holy Spirit led. Activation and impartation are a part of this ministry which brings forth the gifts given by God to each person. Therefore we take the love of the Lord to all people wherever we go.  


Joyful Ministries is a ministry of integrity dedicated to help people move into their Godly purpose and destiny.  It is also dedicated to Prayer, Intercession, and Spiritual Warfare.  


Transformation of people and community is our prayer focus.  This includes praying for righteousness over each of the Seven Mountains or Spheres. These are Business/Economics, Education, Media/Entertainment, Families, Religion, Government/Social Justice and Arts/Literture.  These make up our culture. Jesus is the King of these Mountains. We pray the Holy Spirit into these areas.


Transformation will affect all areas inside the church and outside the church. Jesus taught us to pray,"Thy Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." Matthew 6:10 This allows us to walk in healing, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  We move into our new identity in Christ. 


Conferences are held during the year on prayer, prophetic, apostolic and other topics. Joyful Ministries is also a place of healing  Prayer is always available for healing of body, soul, and spirit. Joyful Ministries is a hub of prayer and expecting the Heavenly Father be present.