Joyful Ministries is a place to move into His love, freedom, healing, joy and encouragement. A CHRISTIAN LEARNING CENTER! 

 Pastoral counseling available
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A place where healing is expected. A place where prayer is always available for each individual. A place where we seek signs and wonders in lives.  We know that lives can be transformed to have a life of joy and love with God. The Holy Spirit is always welcome. Jesus is Lord!

We teach knowing who you are in Christ, Kingdom Living, Spiritual Warfare, Strategic Prayer, Marketplace Ministry, Prophetic and Apostolic to help you know your spiritual destiny.

We expect Signs and Wonders in lives! Nothing is impossible with God! 

Tired of the same old? Have you given up on church and God? Well, we have the new here and we want to share it. Come check us out. You are always welcome at 1161 Siler Road!  Join us on Sunday evenings 5:00 for prayer or just come at 6:00 for Praise and Testimonies. MAY GOD TOUCH YOUR LIFE!

  •  Would you like to pray for the State of New Mexico. Joyful Ministries has started a New Mexico Prayer Network called"NEW MEXICO NEW" We are inviting people who will pray each day for one of the Seven Pillars of Prayer. These are Education, Business and Justice, Families, Media and Entertainment,  The Chruch, Government,  and Art & Literature.   JOIN US!   PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!. We are in a spiritual war. Jesus is the King of all kingdoms. We believe a covering of prayer will change NM as God would want it.   

  •  NMN- Each month on the 3th of the month we will send out an email with 5 facts about one of the above subjects and 5 prayer points by email. To join please send me email or call. I need your name ,address, phone # and email address. If you have a prayer group get each of them to sign up if possible. We have over one hundred on the list now, but we need 1000 from all across the state. Talk to your pastor and friends  It is time to grow.  We need 1000 by June 2022.  We will have them! In Jesus's Name. 

  • Want to Grow into a deeper walk with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Joyful Ministries is for you. Not a church, but a place to grow, ask questions, and join a group who want to learn.

  • JOYFUL MINISTRIES is a Christian Learning Center! Every week on Sunday Evenings, 5-7pm  Reverend Nowers will be teaching on the Kingom of God and how you are in that Kingdom, Prophetic, Prayer, and much more.  Join us and grow!

  • The New ERA is here and we are in it Come and learn about angels and how your spirit wants to be in this new move of God.  Jesus loves YOU! 

  • Contact Judith to speak to your group.  She may speak on many topics: Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Who you are in Christ, and many others  


  •  Facebook Live is back with a new account. Find me Judith Nowers-White jacket. We will be on every  Thursday evening  7:00pm. Join Judith for 10 minutes of encouragement!  

  War Time Prayer Conference Call every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until our State of  NM is completely open. 7:00-7:30pm MDT New Number 667-770-1484  Code 203765.  Corporate prayer is powerful.  Join us as we pray.  We are seeing results to our prayers.  He is faithful! If you do not want to pray out loud, just join us and listen.

  You may submit a donation by mail to Joyful Ministries, PO Box 24133, Santa Fe, NM 87502